AWD Baits

AWD Baits offers the best lures at an affordable price for our customers. Our baits can be used in fresh water as well as salt water inlets. Our baits have been associated with National Crappie tours for 10+ years and were designed from the knowledge obtained through these tours. They are all American Made with the home base being in Gray, GA. We supply everyone from beginners to professional fisherman. Many colors have been created specifically for our baits. It is our goal to continuously provide our customers with successful lures. Please see our testimonial section for tips on which baits would be best suited for your location.

We offer Crappie/Pan Fish lures and jig heads. Fresh or salt water, our lures have proven to be very productive for all types of gill breathers.

Our AWD Grub is a 2" grub with a tri-tail. It comes in many different colors.
Our Crappie Delight is a 2 1/2" swimming minnow with a curl or tri-tail. It also comes in many different colors.

We have over 100 products available for purchase. Simply click on the shopping cart on the bottom left to view them. Our site is still under construction, please bear with us as we are adding new products daily. Enjoy!

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25-pack $2.50
100-pack $10.00
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